Fatigue Life Prediction of Dental Implants


  • Apoorva Prabhudesai1, P.N. Dhatrak2, Divya Padmanabhan3 Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology (affiliated to University of Mumbai) , Maharashtra, India


Fatigue leads to the breakage of implant which causes serious health issues to the patients. It is necessary to perform standard fatigue tests on implants to check the suitability with respect to the patient’s bone properties. Therefore studying mechanical behaviour of dental implant structure under cyclic loading condition is necessary. The aim of the study is to methodically evaluate and compare the fatigue lives of three different diameter implant structures under same loading conditions. FEA analysis was done to find out the Von Mises stresses of each implant which were used to find out the fatigue life of implant theoretically. Fatigue life of implant was found with the help of FEMFAT software and compared with the theoretically calculated result. It was concluded that diameter has major impact on the fatigue life of implant. Larger the diameter lesser is the stress intensity and hence larger will be the fatigue life of implant. Keywords: Mastication, Dental implant, Fatigue damage




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