Symbiotic Organisms Search Framework for Distributed Database Optimization


  • 1Atinderpal Singh, 2Manreet Sohal,3Rajinder Singh Virk Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab.


Optimization in database field is a challenging domain of research and it has attracted attention in few years. This paper draws attention to the query optimization in distributed database. Query Processing is sole concept incorporated in distributed database system. The research has revealed that the design of a query and its execution strategy plays an inevitable role in the optimization of a query. We have to employ the execution approach that produces optimal result. Data in distributed system is allocated at various sites. The query is answered by joining various relations in optimal manner. Communication cost plays a vital role in query processing in distributed environment. Various techniques has been be deployed to solve the above stated problem. In this paper we have proposed a new framework based on Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm to solve the optimization problem in distributed environment. Keywords: Symbiotic Organisms Search, Distributed Database Design, Query Optimization, SOS Framework.




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