Object Oriented Testing with Automation in Matlab using MLUnit Tool


  • Mamta, Rajiv Munjal Computer Science and Engineering, MDU University, CBS Group of Institution (CBSGI), Jhajjar, India


Validation and verification of the code is needed due to ever-increasing complexity of embedded software applications, and the emergence of safety critical applications. Many embedded software development groups are using models and doing upfront engineering before testing on the final product to address this need,. Use of old style of testing late in the development cycle resulted in very expensive release cycles. Object-orientation enforces many important programming principles, such as modularity, encapsulation, and information hiding; it is not enough to guarantee the quality of software products. Numerous analysis as well as design methodologies state the item a great well-designed object-oriented system would single need minimal testing. In this implementation of Class based testing in Matlab using ml unit tool. Keywords: Object oriented testing, Automation testing, class based test, matlab, mlunit tool




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