Total Radiation Emission of a GSM Phone


  • Dominic S Nyitamen Electrical Electronic Engineering Department, NDA, Kaduna Nigeria


The mobile phone produce quite a significant level of electric and magnetic field around itself as seen in interference with other electronic devices. Carrying out test and measurement is a necessary step to determine the field levels produced and to ascertain compliance with regulations and standards on emission of electromagnetic radiation. The GTEM cell which is widely accepted as a sufficient tool in electromagnetic compatibility for both radiated susceptibility tests and radiated emission tests was used to determine the emission radiation of the phone. The measured peak E-fields in various regimes of the operation were -27.29dB (mV/m) for conversation and -27.20dB (mV/m) for ringing. This is intended to provide necessary data for correlation between measurements and open-area test site for on-going research. Keywords: GTEM, GSM, Radiation, emission, polarization, correlation




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