SMS Based Route Finder Application for Smart Phone


  • Vidhi Dave1, Amit Welekar2 Tulsiramji Gaikwad Patil College of Engineering, Nagpur, India


This paper presents the location based services used in mobile for finding route. Route finder is an application Developed for finding location. For that provide some Parameter like latitude & longitude (Indicate the Location & position). The Route finder application involved GPS Tracker for Calculating the Latitude & Longitude & that latitude & longitude take as Input in Application. Input given an Application & take some facility of Google maps for the Showing the Route from source to destination. But, the some minor limitation of the project is to have the Internet Connection, without internet Connection can’t run the application. As default there is no need of the internet connection for the calculating Latitude & Longitude. That is Calculating using GPS device involved & GPS is related to the as a satellite exits in the space. Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the cheapest and best ways for sending and getting precise information with a limitation size. The usage of SMS in GSM based mobile communication is successfully tested for getting GPS co-ordinates of the client location using a Android based Smartphone and dynamically plotting the co-ordinates, path etc. using Google Maps API in the server. KEYWORDS: Android operating system, LBS, GPS, Google Maps, SMS applications




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