Smart Home Short and Long Term Optimization Technique


  • Subhra Debdas1, Ramanand Jha2 1 Electrical Engineering Department Research Scholar Sai Nath University, India: 2 Applied Engineering Science Department, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India


The System Controller is what makes the system smart. On house level it is essentially a computer connected to all resources in the house such as loads (lamps, TV, dishwasher), possible generators (wind turbines, solar panels, car batteries) and a connector to the external grid. The connections enable information exchange. The System Controller takes information about consumption, production and requests from the end user and acts accordingly. The System Controller is also connected to the electricity market in order to receive current electricity prices. In this paper a high end optimization technique has been proposed to users configure the System Controller in order to achieve the desired behavior. Key Words: Smart grid, Smart home, Modelica




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