Irregular Modified Shuffle Multistage Interconnection Network


  • Dr. Harsh Sadawarti1, Nirlaip Kaur2, Pawandeep Kaur3 Department of Computer Engineering, RIMT-IET, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, India


Interconnection networks play vital role in parallel computing environment. They define how several processors and memory modules are interlinked. The pattern used for interconnecting these functional units (processors, memory modules, switching elements) determines the performance of the system. Interconnection networks use links and switches for connecting various functional units. Multistage Interconnection Networks use various switches arranged in stages for interconnecting processors and memory modules. In this paper, a new fault tolerant multistage interconnection network named Irregular Modified Shuffle Network (IMSN) is proposed and analyzed. Fault Tolerance and Permutation Passibility behavior of IMSN is discussed in this paper. Key Words: Multistage interconnection network (MIN), Fault Tolerance, Irregular Modified Shuffle Network (IMSN), Permutation Passibility.




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