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Urmila Rao Apurna Sagar


Fashion is often referred to the way, we dress up but in broader terms what Fashion really means is the manner in which we do things, Appearance is one of them. It has been there since the Stone Age and has flourished with the evolution of Mankind. It has been an integral part of human lives and has been a dominant medium to express their ideologies. In Medieval ages the flags, symbols crafted on armory, how the kings and their courtiers carried themselves was nothing but Fashion. Apart from the basic usage of things in day to day life humans wanted to make them more fancy and expressive. Normal armors were replaced by armors embossed with symbols with different shades and coating i.e. gold and other elements, The Jute robes were replaced by silk robes. Even today Fashion in most Demography of the world is different from others.

Fashion where we see it today has evolved through century’s long process. As per earlier fashion theorist Greeks and Chinese have played a major role in the evolution of fashion. Indian theory of evolution of fashion is that men started to cover their bodies to protect themselves from climatic condition which later on evolved and sense of dressing became a status symbol. No matter how much any individual claims to be indifferent to fashion, their sense of dressing and the way they groom themselves speaks a lot about their individuality. Evolution of fashion escalated with globalization of businesses and commercialization of Fashion industry.

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