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Manish Kumar Joshi Hardik Mahant


We have studied and analyzed the flow of multiple end-applications in mobile phone OS (like Android/iOS). Some cross-platform applications – mobile phone, desktop, and web application uses the same database, in that case, they all use the centralized database, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & others as well. We found that all the end application uses web-service or API to connect/communicate with the centralized database. Web-service or API helps end-applications to connect/communicate with the centralized database by working as intermediator. This WS/API can be developed using programming/scripting languages like PHP, JSP, .NET technologies, python, GO, ruby, PERL, and others.

Key words: PHP, JSP, .NET, python, GO, ruby and PERL.

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Joshi, M., & Mahant, H. (2019). EASY PHP WEB-SERVICE GENERATOR. International Journal of Engineering Technology and Computer Research, 7(1). Retrieved from http://www.ijetcr.org/index.php/ijetcr/article/view/495